Managed IT Services

We have expertise in managing IT departments for all types of organizations, be it large, medium, small and micro enterprises.

This service is offered both to organizations and businesses with fulltime IT departments and those without.



Outsourced IT Support Services

For organizations without IT Departments, we provide outsourced IT Support Services. These services are divided into two main categories:-

  • Regular IT Support at a fixed monthly charge.
  • On call IT Support invoiced per job.

Orginisations with IT Departments

For organizations with IT Departments, our experience has demonstrated that it is more effective to delegate some services to specialist 3rd party IT companies like Blue Gate Technologies Ltd. We provide a range of services to compliment those offered by in-house IT departments.  These include: -

  • Preventive Maintenance for IT Equipment including end user computers, laptops, servers and networking equipment.
  • Configuring and implementing various systems where in-house capacity is lacking. We have expertise in configuring Primary/Main Servers, Mail Servers, Firewalls and Routing equipment.
  • Data Entry services.
  • Based on our broad experience in running IT departments of all sizes, we are able to provide most IT services required keeping a business running soundly and efficiently. Contact us with your requirements and we will happily provide cost effective solutions!