Software Development

We have  a very robust Software Engineering division. Each of our Senior Engineers has over 12 years software engineering experience in leading international organizations. 

Sample Systems

Sample Systems we can develop:-

  • HR Systems
  • FINANCIAL Systems
  • Mini ERPs

software development1

software development2 

Software Developed

In the brief time we have been in operation, we have developed the following bespoke software as follows:-

  • For an International Non-Profit organization based in Nairobi, Kenya, we developed Data Entry Software and coordinated the Data Entry process for a project with over 1000 questionnaires from 3 countries in Africa namely Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya.
  • For a fast growing and busy Insurance Claims Level Garage, with a monthly turnover of KES. 3M, we have developed a Garage Management System to aid in full computerization of their operations for their fast growing business.
  • A Clinic Management System for a private dental practice operated by a senior maxillofacial surgeon in the medical fraternity in Kenya.

Further, our Software Engineering team has broad experience working with International NGOs and large international enterprises.  We are therefore very comfortably able to design and develop user friendly systems to aid in Research, Grant and Project Management among other systems, which integrate well with existing systems.